About The Firs Cattery

The Firs Luxury Boarding Cattery has been running for 16 years, and we, Debbie & Lesley Warrington, are the proud owners of this unique Cattery. The Chalets are much larger than the average Cattery, including the Pent House, great for active, young cats or long term borders.

We offer a Large range of food, believing that it is important to stay as near to the Cats own diet as possible. All Cats are treated as individuals, one lovely cat we have regularly, likes the lid of the litter tray made into a tent!! His wish is our command.

A little about ourselves…

Animals have been a major part of my life, whether cats, dogs or horses. Now turning my passion into a business using all the knowledge I have gained over the years. I have been F.A.B. trained, and the Cattery is run to their standards.

Animals are my life and have been since before I could talk, the age of 3 asking my Mother, who was expecting my little Brother, if she could have a foal… great disappointment…

I have been riding since the age of 3 years, training horses for over 30 years, I am trained classically, which is all about ’The Wellbeing of the horse’, specialising in rehabilitation of horses that have had a bad education or suffered from injury. This translates to other animals, as it is all about their care and welfare. (I may have failed in the training of my German Shepherd Dog!!)
I am also a Photographer, undertaking a mix of Family Shoot, Weddings, Product shots and Event Photography